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Cognition is a process of understanding with thorough briefings from you at its core.

We focus on niche and emerging capabilities and concepts in the defence and commercial sectors.

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  • Modelling and Simulation
  • Machine Learning
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Virtual Reality

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Agile software development focuses on frequently delivering small increments of working software. This allows you to: rapidly see working software plus meaningful documentation, rather than complex documentation alone; to spend less time waiting for the first version and between iterations; to collaborate with us during development; to make changes to your requirements, even late in the project; to minimise risk because of this ability; and, ultimately, to get the high performing software solution you really require.


We are part of the Rapid Prototyping and Development Evaluation Program, a collaboration between the Australian Defence Force, industry and academia.

Quality Assessment

We follow the highest standards of quality assessment to ensure every piece of code delivers. In addition, we’ll soon be ISO 9001 Quality Management System accredited, assuring you of our commitment to our working relationship and its processes.

Quantum Computing

We are working with QxBranch, a new venture between Aerospace Concepts and Lockheed Martin, to develop software and services to bring quantum computing to the mainstream.

Advanced Industry Practices

We believe in the 12 principles of Agile Software and we augment them with advanced industry practices.

Agile Scrum. Manages delivery of software by valuing product over project.

Inversion of Control. Designs that invert the control of dependency creation enforcing extensible, testable and maintainable products.

Design Patterns. The wheel was invented in 3500BC, we are not interested in designing it again. We adopt existing industry patterns and practices to allow us to focus on what hasn't been done before.

Software Systems Engineering. We effectively extract your needs and communicate our understanding to ensure we build the right product

We test & assess to deliver a faultless, functional solution.


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Dragonflies don't chase. Back

To intercept a moving target, you have to predict where it will go next. Dragonflies calculate their prey's speed and distance to ensure they're already waiting before their prey arrives. Staying ahead of the pack is as much about anticipating the next advances as it is about using the latest technology.


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