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$1 Million Grant Awarded to Accelerate Consilium Technology’s Commercialisation

Sarah Hibbard 01 Feb 2019 3 minute read
$1 Million Grant Awarded to Accelerate Consilium Technology’s Commercialisation

The Federal Government has awarded Adelaide’s leading Machine Intelligence company, Consilium Technology, $1 million to accelerate the commercialisation of its revolutionary AgTech product, GAIA.

The Accelerating Commercialisation (AC) grant assists Australian businesses to accelerate the development of high-quality products and commercialise novel technology with export potential. Over $181 million has been offered to Australian businesses since the programme was launched in 2014, driving business growth to benefit the Australian economy.

Last week, Minister for Industry, Science and Technology, The Hon Karen Andrews MP, announced that Consilium Technology had been successful in the latest round of AC funding. The grant will assist Consilium Technology to nationally and internationally commercialise its state-of-the-art AgTech product, GAIA (Geospatial Artificial Intelligence for Agriculture).

Karen Andrews MP

Hon Karen Andrews MP

The Liberal National Government is committed to supporting Australian businesses with great ideas like these.

GAIA is a web application providing fully-automated continent-scale crop mapping to regulatory organisations, as well as precision crop health monitoring to growers.

The innovative technology was originally developed in partnership with Wine Australia to conduct a national scan of vineyards in Australia’s 65 wine regions. GAIA will enable Wine Australia to deliver efficient and accurate information on vineyard area and location using automated, satellite-based data collection – revolutionising regional mapping insights for the grape and wine community.

GAIA’s underlying technology can also provide detailed crop health monitoring insights, with applications to support the agriculture industry more broadly. The AC grant will empower Consilium Technology to harness these opportunities and commercialise GAIA across national and international markets.

Consilium Technology CEO, Seth Thuraisingham, believes key activities undertaken during the AC programme will provide the solid foundation necessary for achieving GAIA’s product vision – to locate and monitor the world’s crops.

Seth Thuraisingham

Seth Thuraisingham (CEO, Consilium Technology)

It is exciting to imagine that GAIA will know the location of every vineyard and vine row in the world. GAIA will seamlessly connect with other AgTech products and unlock critical information to help growers, agronomists, and industry bodies make better decisions. The AC grant will set GAIA up for commercial success by accelerating GAIA’s product development timeline and launching it into the national and international markets – allowing GAIA to adapt to the global viticulture and agriculture industries. This will build a leading-edge capability in South Australia, and generate a new source of export revenue for the Australian economy.

CTO, Dr Sebastien Wong, wants to leverage the opportunity by delivering Australian artificial intelligence technology to the world of agriculture.

Sebastien Wong

Sebastien Wong (CTO, Consilium Technology)

The world-class artificial intelligence technology behind GAIA was developed in Adelaide. We are using high-resolution satellite imagery, cloud computing, and machine learning to provide automated geolocation and crop health monitoring. We had a target of achieving 90% accuracy for estimating vineyard area in Australia; the results from GAIA have smashed that target. We have a clear roadmap for the next two years and the AC grant provides us with the fuel to reach our destination as a global technology exporter.

Consilium Technology is honoured to have been successful in the latest round of funding and would like to thank the Federal Government for supporting the AC programme.

The company would also like to thank its partners – Wine Australia, DigitalGlobe and University of South Australia – for their continued support, and acknowledge that GAIA is supported by funding from Wine Australia.

Finally, Consilium Technology would like to congratulate the other successful applicants and wish them all the best in driving economic growth across the nation.

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Sarah Hibbard
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