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Consilium Technology Wins 2020 Maxar Innovation Award

Sarah Hibbard 13 Jul 2021 2 minute read
Consilium Technology Wins 2020 Maxar Innovation Award

Consilium Technology has been awarded the prestigious Maxar Innovation Award.

Only five most innovative companies in the world receive this award each year, as a recognition for applying new, unique approaches to solve big data problems.

Maxar’s Director Oceania & Pacific, Rafael Kargren, congratulated the Consilium Technology team on their achievements for the past year.

“This award is a special recognition of innovation that you have shown in meaningful innovative accomplishments in 2020 – in terms of creative business models, new applications or markets for imagery, and new technologies integrated with imagery”, Kargren said.

Consilium Technology has been a long-term partner of Maxar, combining high-resolution satellite imagery and AI to solve many novel challenges in industries such as agriculture, mining, energy and other.

Kargren went on to say, “Consilium Technology has been an early adopter of Maxar solutions for many years. You have applied it in multiple applications from agriculture, to mineral exploration and power line monitoring. Now Maxar’s leadership and product teams have chosen you as early adopter for our upcoming ARD platform”.

Innovation is at the heart of Consilium Technology — a business committed to pushing the boundaries to create new solutions and business models. The company continually strives to challenge the status quo and find new ways for technology to improve business outcomes. The combination of high-resolution satellite imagery and AI has opened a new realm of business opportunities for the Adelaide-based AI company.

Consilium Technology’s CEO, Seth Thuraisingham, recognises that Maxar’s new ARD will provide even greater business benefits.

“Maxar delivers the highest quality satellite imagery, so it makes sense for Consilium Technology to partner with Maxar so that we can deliver the highest quality insights derived from AI. Our process for innovation has been amplified by having automated access through GBDX and now the ARD platform. Customers can benefit by getting access to this information faster than on existing platforms that they might be using”, Thuraisingham said.

A key focus for Consilium Technology is to continue providing automated remote monitoring solutions to customers looking to increase assessment frequency and reduce costs associated with traditional asset management plans. Consilium Technology is already providing these AI-based solutions with companies in industries such as oil and gas, energy, utilities and mining. 

The launch of Maxar’s Legion fleet of high-performance satellites later this year is expected to further improve the commercial viability for customers requiring high-cadence monitoring. Maxar and Consilium Technology will continue to offer high-resolution satellite imagery and AI solutions through the  partner reseller ecosystem.

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Sarah Hibbard
Chief Commercial Officer

About Consilium Technology

Consilium Technology helps organisations make more informed, data-driven decisions by leveraging AI and partnering with technology. As leaders in AI, Consilium Technology is currently solving some of the most complex problems within the defence, agriculture, mining and manufacturing industries. 

About Maxar

Maxar capabilities in Earth Intelligence help customers map, detect and predict change across the globe. Fuelled largely by Maxar’s own constellation of high-resolution imaging satellites, we provide high-resolution satellite imagery and derived data layers, machine learning and rich domain knowledge so organizations can make decisions with confidence.