GAIA Delivers Australia’s National Vineyard Scan

Sarah Hibbard 12 Jun 2019 3 minute read
GAIA Delivers Australia’s National Vineyard Scan

In a world first, Consilium Technology’s revolutionary AgTech product — GAIA — has identified and mapped all of Australia’s vineyards using AI and satellite imagery.

Consilium Technology partnered with Wine Australia in August 2018 to deliver a technical solution for resuming Australia’s National Census of Vineyards. The National Vineyard Scan 2018 results were released by Wine Australia this week.

Adelaide’s leading Artificial Intelligence company, Consilium Technology, developed GAIA to revolutionise how the wine industry collects and analyses its national vineyard data. Using machine learning algorithms, GAIA automatically scans high-resolution satellite images of Australia’s wine regions to identify exactly where the vineyards are located and how many vine rows are planted.

The scan is the first of its kind in the world and replaces the old Australian Bureau of Statistics paper-based sector survey, last reported in 2015. With high accuracy, GAIA has revealed there are 146,128 hectares under vine across Australia’s 65 wine regions. For the first time, Australia’s grape and wine sector know the locations of these plantings. This information is crucial for emergency biosecurity responses, as well as regulating wine labelling requirements based on where the grapes are grown.

Consilium Technology CEO, Seth Thuraisingham, recognises that South Australia’s rich ecosystem has provided optimal conditions for the company to explore new opportunities and develop innovative solutions.

Seth Thuraisingham

Seth Thuraisingham (CEO, Consilium Technology)

South Australia’s amazing ecosystem has provided the core foundation for Consilium Technology’s success. We’ve been able to leverage South Australia’s leading-edge capability — transferring technology know-how from Defence and University and combining it with Agriculture to create something truly unique, GAIA.

As a scalable and automated solution, GAIA has already successfully demonstrated additional value-creation compared to previous data collection methods. For instance, GAIA has also measured vine row length, making it possible to assess planting densities by GI region and sub-region for the first time.

In addition to mapping vineyard locations across Australia, GAIA can provide growers with automated crop health monitoring services. Consilium Technology will launch GAIA (Public Beta) at the Australian Wine Industry Technical Conference (AWITC) next month —  empowering grape growers across Australia to make informed decisions using GAIA’s valuable crop health information and actionable insights.

Consilium Technology CTO, Dr Sebastien Wong, is confident that GAIA’s solution can deliver value beyond the Australian viticulture industry.

Sebastien Wong

Sebastien Wong (CTO, Consilium Technology)

This achievement is a world first, using high-resolution satellite imagery and machine learning to map a crop for an entire continent. Machine learning approaches are well suited to big data problems, and we have access to over 100 petabytes of Earth observation data through our partner Maxar. The vision for GAIA is to geolocate and monitor the world’s high-value crops. There is strong demand for both location and crop health information for a variety of applications, from biosecurity to precision agriculture. We are supporting the Australian wine industry to adopt precision viticulture, and using Australia as a case study to expand to the international wine industry.

Consilium Technology is committed to building a leading-edge capability in South Australia and helping organisations make better decisions. The company will conduct the National Vineyard Scan for 2019 and 2020, and is already exploring opportunities to take GAIA to international markets.

Consilium Technology would like to thank its partners – Wine Australia, Maxar Technologies  and University of South Australia – for their continued support, and acknowledge that GAIA is supported by funding from Wine Australia.

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