Machine Learning

The benefits of machine learning for organisations are vast, but it takes deep domain expertise to provide reliable, profitable, actionable results. It's what we do best.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is a field of artificial intelligence that uses mathematical techniques to allow computer systems to “learn” from data, rather than being pre-programmed for its full range of expected tasks.

Our 3 Favourite ML Techniques

  • school Supervised Learning
    The computer is given example inputs and the desired outputs. Example: predicting house prices from a huge database of house prices over the last decade.
  • visibility_off Unsupervised learning
    The machine learns through observation and detects patterns in data. Example: grouping customers by purchasing behavior (people who buy X tend to buy Y).
  • check_circle Reinforcement learning
    The computer is only given positive or negative feedback on its actions in a dynamic environment. Example: a self-driving car learning to drive by practicing.
Dr Sebastien Wong, Chief Technology Officer at Consilium Technology
Labels are the 'truth' for describing the desired output of a machine learning model. Along with the input data, these labels define the behaviour of your model. When you consider this, labelling data is not an unskilled task. The labels should be generated by trusted human experts who can apply their deep domain knowledge to interpret the data. This is the new 'programming paradigm' — experts teaching machines how to behave. — Dr Sebastien Wong, Chief Technology Officer

Benefits of Machine Learning


Improved Decisions

Machine learning facilitates faster, better predictions, allowing you to make more informed decisions.


Enhanced Productivity

Harness machine learning across your organisation and empower your people to focus on bigger picture decisions.


Increased Profitability

Take advantage of untapped business opportunities, and reduce costs with your potential time savings.


Automated crop health monitoring & precision mapping, powered by machine learning and high resolution satellite imagery.