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Modelling & Simulation

When developing simulations of real-world environments for Defence and industry, we deliver safer, more cost-effective solutions that exceed expectations.

What is Modelling & Simulation?

The science of modelling & simulation allows us to explore the behaviour of real-world systems in an articulated way which is often not possible, too dangerous, or too expensive in real life.

  • apps Modelling
    Our experienced team develops digital twins of real-world and hypothetical systems, based on their physical properties.
  • ondemand_video Simulation
    Once a model is developed, we test it in a range of real-world scenarios, to refine the model and optimise operation.
Nick Cooper, CIO at Consilium Technology
Our team of cross-disciplinary engineers are the foundation of our modelling and simulation capability. We have gained deep expertise across live, virtual and constructive simulation by supporting many complex Defence R&D projects, and are specialists in applying software engineering practices to build fit-for-purpose solutions through close engagement with our customers. — Nick Cooper, CIO

Benefits of Modelling & Simulation



The enormous expense associated with real-life testing is radically reduced.


Improved Safety

The multitude of dangers inherent in real-life testing are significantly reduced.


Rapid Development

Monte Carlo Simulation and other forms of testing allow for speedy model refinement.

Discover Infinite Possibilities

Infinite Studio is a real-time multi-spectral simulation environment, developed in partnership with Defence Science and Technology.