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Multi-band Electro-optical Defence Software Commercially Available

Seth Thuraisingham 29 Aug 2018 2 minute read
Multi-band Electro-optical Defence Software Commercially Available

Consilium Technology is pleased to announce the commercial release of Infinite Studio, a cutting-edge software technology for real-time, radiometrically credible simulation of imagery across the visible and infra-red spectrum. Infinite Studio is built upon Unreal Engine and DST Group’s VIRSuite radiometric modelling technology, which has been designed to support a broad range of simulation environments, including maritime, air, land and littoral. Over ten years of Defence research and development (R&D) underpin this unique capability, bringing advanced scene generation to researchers through the power of affordable desktop computing and modern gaming engines.

Infinite Studio excels at:

  • Physics-based real-time and multi-band scene generation, ranging from visible to long-wave infrared
  • Cutting-edge graphics with best-of-breed creation tools, leveraging the latest in modern gaming software and desktop computing hardware
  • Flexibility and integration with third-party virtual and constructive simulation environments

It is suitable for a wide range of virtual, constructive and hardware-in-the-loop simulation activities including:

  • R&D of future imaging technologies
  • Test and Evaluation of imaging hardware and software system
  • Image processing algorithm development
  • Visually based training tasks in detection, recognition, and tracking
  • Mission spaces covering all environmental domains, i.e.:
    • Air scenarios involving aircraft, countermeasures, and backgrounds
    • Land scenarios providing a wide variety of targets in composite terrain environments
    • Maritime scenarios incorporating ships, boats, ocean waves and littoral backgrounds

Extensibility, flexibility and portability are at Infinite Studio’s core. Portability across complex simulation environments has been demonstrated at Defence Science and Technology (DST) Group, where it has been integrated with several constructive and hardware-in-the-loop simulation environments with significant program outcomes.

Infinite Studio is built upon Epic GamesUnreal Engine 4 (UE4), allowing Consilium Technology to implement the latest technological developments. Benefits include cutting-edge, real-time graphics and physics-based simulation leveraging high-performance graphics processing unit (GPU) computation, best-of-breed creation tools and access to a rich UE4 marketplace ecosystem. Moreover, Infinite Studio supports high-quality multi-band scene generation on PC, virtual reality (VR), and augmented reality (AR) platforms. Infinite Studio also provides the option to leverage MODTRAN, the most widely used and recognised model for atmospheric propagation of electromagnetic radiation.

Defence Science and Technology Group recently partnered with Consilium Technology to licence Infinite Studio for commercial use, specialist development expertise and support.

If you’d like to learn more about Infinite Studio, please visit the official website.