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What Could Machine Intelligence Discover for You?

Seth Thuraisingham 17 Mar 2017 1 minute read
What Could Machine Intelligence Discover for You?

Sometimes it’s risky to explore the realms of possibility. Machine Intelligence offers promises of prediction, actionable insight, intelligent automation. You most likely question the authenticity of these claims. Could it really make a difference to your bottom line?

Most likely your perception of what is possible is limited. Your reference points of what’s proven in the¬†industry are narrow. You are naturally sceptical. When you deliberately set out to explore, one of two things happen, you prove your suspicions or you discover something. Your original aversion to risk becomes insignificant and you create a new and advanced reference point.

You have a skilled engineer using his intuition to operate energy intensive machinery. He wants to maximise the quality of his output but save on energy costs so he continuously makes adjustments to settings accordingly. Imagine if an intelligent machine could simply learn from experience and provide intelligent control. The skilled engineer would become free. He would not be replaced. He would be free to be creative, to connect with his team and… perhaps.. to discover.

Let’s re-frame that first question, what could Machine Intelligence allow you and your team to discover?

The above example is real… and proven.